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Default Re: Italian Long Campaign

We had the choice of a special mission for a quick Advance.

The map is still quite similar to our last battle, alot of craggy rocky ground.

Fortunately, we have a E-W road running almost in the centre of the map, so this will be very important for us to move across the map speedily.

We bought a number of transports. Some heavy and light trucks. Air recon was also available, so that will come in handy.

Instead of tanks, I decided to buy some Armoured Cars. These have 20mm Autocannons, which have limited AT capability (PEN 4).

Here's the rough plan.

The black line is the midpoint of the map, this is as far as the EN can deploy their units. So I usually plan with this line as the edge of my safe area.

2nd and 3rd Coy will advance along the E-W axis, with 2nd Coy leading.

1st Coy will take the rough terrain for the objectives along the north of the map.

Blue lines are approx. company boundaries. The boundary between 2nd and 3rd Company is the road itself.

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