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Default Re: 4CMBG: The Dirty Patricia's

Dirty Patricias: A Fun Scenario

I enjoyed playing the scenario very much. As usual 1Grantpa has given us a scenario with great gameplay requiring the player to think outside the box, to manage his or her forces, and to develop a plan that accounts for the terrain. 1Grantpa said it and you best believe: "Pay attention to the terrain on the map, and make your dispositions accordingly." I thought of deploying the Canadians in a defense in depth with kill zones in the open spaces. However, I opted to deploy my force around the VF objectives in the villages of Ottmaring, Mandorf, and Kirchdorf bei Osterhofen. I intended to block the Czechs in those three places, but leaving the Czech to believe I had not entered the villages, then maneuver the Dirty Patricia's to flank and counter-attack the Czech forces from their rear.

Now, please indulge me in a few observations.
  1. Kudos for applying Range & Filter to vehicles. I found them "spot on" and deadly effective.

  2. I agree the unit AA1 M113 Ammo is set to reinforce at turn 50 as it is not needed; although, including it in the scenario would not take away from the gameplay.

  3. I cross-attached these two units to P Hq D-Coy PPCLI: U section M113/TOW, and V platoon Leopard C1.

  4. Lastly, I created four reconnaissance troops surrounding a squadron headquarters from the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) of the 4th Canada Mechanized Brigade Group (4CMBG) using cross-attach in the Editor as follows (primary source:

1-Squadron RCD/4-CMBG Hq Company
Unit # uID uName
0 A0 Headquarters
1 B0 M113A2
2 C0 F00
3 C1 M113A1 OP
44 N0 Blowpipe Team
45 N1 Blowpipe Team
46 N2 Jeep
47 N3 Jeep
48 O0 M125
49 O1 M125
237 AA0 M113 Ammo
238 AA1 M113 Ammo
1 Troop 1 Squadron/RCD
Unit # uID uName Formation
13 G0 Scout Company
14 G1 Scout
15 G2 Scout
16 G3 Scout
17 G4 Lynx
18 G5 Lynx
19 G5 Lynx
43 M0 AVGP Platoon
4 D0 FO Vehicle Platoon
2 Troop 1 Squadron/RCD
Unit # uID uName Formation
207 W0 Cougar AVGP Company
208 W1 Cougar AVGP
209 W2 Cougar AVGP
210 W3 Cougar AVGP
211 W4 Scouts
212 W5 Scout
213 W6 Scout
214 W7 Scout
215 X0 M113/Tow Platoon
216 X1 M113/Tow
3 Troop 1 Squadron/RCD
Unit # uID uName Formation
29 I0 Cougar AVGP Company
30 I1 Cougar AVGP
31 I2 Cougar AVGP
32 I3 Cougar AVGP
33 I4 Scouts
34 I5 Scouts
35 I6 Scouts
36 I7 Scouts
39 K0 TowJeep Platoon
40 K1 TowJeep
4 Troop 1 Squadron/RCD
Unit # uID uName Formation
21 H0 Cougar AVGP Company
22 H1 Cougar AVGP
23 H2 Cougar AVGP
24 H3 Cougar AVGP
25 H4 Scouts
26 H5 Scouts
27 H6 Scouts
28 H7 Scouts
37 J0 M113/Tow Platoon
38 J1 M113/Tow
2-Coy 3rd Btn RCR
Unit # uID uName Formation 1 Platoon Formation Name
5 E0 Rifle Section Platoon Attach to 1 Trp 1/2 Coy 3-RCR
6 E1 Rifle Section
7 E2 Rifle Section
8 E3 Rifle Section
9 F0 M113A2
10 F1 M113A2
11 F2 M113A2
12 F3 M113A2
41 L0 Carl G Team Platoon
42 L1 Carl G Team
217 Y0 Motor Rifle Sec Platoon 2 Platoon 2/2 Coy 3-RCR
218 Y1 Motor Rifle Sec Attach to 2 Trp
219 Y2 Motor Rifle Sec
220 Y3 SFMG
221 Y4 Carl G Team
222 Y5 60mm Mortar
223 Y6 Grizzly AVGP
224 Y7 Grizzly AVGP
225 Y8 Grizzly AVGP
226 Y9 Grizzly AVGP
227 Z0 Motor Rifle Sec Platoon 3 Platoon 3/2 Coy 3-RCR
228 Z1 Motor Rifle Sec Attach to 3 Trp
229 Z2 Motor Rifle Sec
230 Z3 SFMG
231 Z4 Carl G Team
232 Z5 60mm Mortar
233 Z6 Grizzly AVGP
234 Z7 Grizzly AVGP
235 Z8 Grizzly AVGP
236 Z9 Grizzly AVGP
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