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Default Re: Scenario Designers (Open Scenario Slots)

Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
So I am confused now as to where we are at in open scenario slots.

I have Scenarios done and ready for slots:


But I also have 4 more to this series that would push it up to slot 804.

But I think that SaS and Troopie and Ts4ever are also using some 800 slots?

I tried to coordinate this but it seems to have got out of whack a bit.

These scenarios I got are all part of a series (technically 775-804).

So if I use slots 800-804 will that cause any conflicts?

I'd rather move the four or five scenarios that are in slots 800-804 to someplace else at the end so that the series I got is a nice continuation.

And to continue on with my developing of scenarios I am going on the assumption that this is okay for me to use up to slots 804.

I also found two more scenarios in my research department (1928 and 1929) that I could use to fill up slots 805 and 806. I'd also like to use these as well. That way this series which runs from 1908 to 1929 will be complete.

Thoughts, suggests from the other scenario designers or DRG?

Thanks in advance, Don
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