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Default Re: AI Air Strikes awfully good

As well the other elephant in the room is AA. If there was none bought for the US side then the AI has a free ride. I know the AI has AA in the first scenario in that campaign but strangely enough, the two Warhawks I targeted both hit close enough to the target hex that I asked them to hit and the next pass I made with the one Warhawk that hadn't taken damage on the first strike was targeted to attack the 2cm AA gun that had annoyed me the first pass and it staffed the hex the AA gun was in exactly as I asked it to and caused four crew casualties and since it had not been hit on the second pass was able to make a third pass and that finished that AA gun and since it had not been hit on the third pass I was able to target a pesky AT gun that was annoying my armoured infantry AND destroy it without taking damage so was available to make another pass.
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