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One other thing, please. I note that the forum has been dropped, but here are the original complaints:

I have a complaint.

I'll answer your question in two ways. One is marketing and the other one on the game itself, this being "The Prussian War Machine".

I was given the original "Dragoon" years ago and was so impressed that I bought all of the "Horse and Musket" series. That is to say I got the application and the scenario kits. It was at this time after expending all this money for the application I was asked if I wanted to buy the "The Prussian War Machine". I declined and opted to buy the kits.

I waited two years roughly before buying "The Prussian War Machine" for I wanted to give y'all time to do any debugging. The advertisement is misleading as a person who doesn't read the message board here would be under the impression that the new application under "The Prussian War Machine" allows you to purchase add on kits as in "Horse and Musket". I was disappointed to discover to my dismay that I would have to purchase new applications for each release. I don't see how I can justify the expenditure of money for something that has minor differences, other than taking up more space on my hardrive, and as a results I won't spend anymore money on this series. I'm sorry that I didn't see Antonio's comments earlier for I agree with him and would not have bought it because of this more than anything else. I can't recommend it for purchase. Caveat emptor

Now, the game itself. Two things come to mind. All around defense is lacking for redoubts and towns. I think this should be included, particularly for redoubts as the purpose is to either expose an attacking force to galling enfilade fire if they try to bypass the redoubt or force them to attack it like the Swedes were force to do so at Poltava. The defending force won't fight in a linear position. They will fight in an all around defense. It defeats the purpose of the redoubt to do otherwise. I'd apply the same thing to towns. The other one involves Dragoons. These troops should be allowed to fight as dismounted infantry when the situation calls for it. They are mounted infantrymen and fought dismounted at Blenheim. There are some minor problems with the interface that are not addressed in the manual. For example, how do you bring up the command to put troops in skirmish formation? And what is the deal with the "undo" button?

Overall, you folks did a fine job with the game itself and I am impressed. The best feature is unlike the others in this series which remind me of a transmission with for gears forward and no reverse you put in a reverse gear for this one. ("about face")

You might reconsider the decision to sell this game series like "books on a shelf".


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I have to correct one thing above. When I order H&M2 it was a week afterwards I received the invite to buy this latest addition.

Why was the forum deleted, please?


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