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Gandalf Parker said:
ArkkiMeisseli said:
No worries, I'm kinda hard to kick out once I settle in.
Thanks for the answer, guess I'm out of luck this time.

Time to dig out the thieving gear...
Not cool dude. Not even with a dead game. You shouldnt announce such a thing here.
Humm... I hope you didn't think I was going to pirate the thing.

What I meant was that I was going to put on my thieving gear (think Garrett from the Thief series), find someone who had The War Engine and go for a little burglaring.

And that was meant to be a joke, too, since I'm about as agile as an elephant.
"I can't believe it!!! You really hit me! After all I've done for you! You were like a son to me, and what do I get?! A knife in my back!!!"
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