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Disk New Shipset : Formica Fusca Version 2

New Shipset : Formica Fusca Version 2

Description := The Formica are an Insectoid race that have many characteristics of your Earth's ants, but larger of course.

Biological Description := The Formica are about a meter tall ant-like Instectoide, highly intelligent and resourceful. The Formica are known for their crafty nature and military prowess.

Society Description := The Formica have a three caste system society : the first is the worker caste, which comprises of all non-reproducing females which are subservient to the needs of their mother (the Queen) and the colony as a whole. The second caste is the reproducing Royal caste, Queens and Drones (males) make up this caste, they are in control of everything reguarding the future of the colony. And Finally, the soldiers or warroir caste, they are specialized workers that protect the colony's territory.

General History Description := The Formica have lived on their home world for more than 200 million years and now have begon to expand into space.

Note : No Blue backgrounds pics, New Ship hulls, Greyed out slot pics, and may use both Version 1 and 2 without program problems.

Enjoy !
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