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Default A newbie's nagging concern.

Hi All,

This is my first time posting in this forum.

I'm a long time fan of SP:WaW (I hope it's ok to say that here) and I've recently found out about this sibling version of the game.

One of the biggest issues I've had over the years that has diminished my interests in playing against other folks (ie PBEM) is that I've suspected that opponents can deliberately or unintentionally re-load game files once a game is underway. In malicious hands, this behavior can lead to the ultimate form of reconnaissance and therefore, unfair play.

So, to start off my participation on the board with a dozy of a topic, has this version of SP somehow corrected for that problem.

(Yes, I've heard a million times that one should not play against folks that do re-load files but still, it takes time to detect the activity and waste time in the process.)

Thanks all for allowing me into the forum. I'm looking forward to our discussions.

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