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Fallout Re: German STRUMTIGER UNIT 034

After posting I had a "nagging" feeling in the back of my head and sure enough, after checking my game against this site, well lets just say I was dreading the "comeback" but "hoping for the best" at the same time. Yeah, V11 vice V12. Well I'll just allow that some things were going on just resolved over the weekend.

I'll send it on anyway ONLY because it's one of the best WWII tank pictures I've seen in a real longtime. Rolling through the cobblestone street with the rubble of buildings on either side of it, in the early morning w/fog (?) putting a church steeple and surrounding buildings in "shadow" in the background with a "light" touch up in color restoration, it just looks like a "tank tank" and not SPA if you know what I mean.

Like I said, wish I could post it here and it appears I need to catch up!!

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