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Default Re: The Dirty Patricia's

Turns 19-28

As the battle really rages on, I decide to use the M113 platoon I had in reserve at (1), their goal is to flank the Czech forces from the north. But before I do that, I have to neutralize the BRDM-2 ATGMs at (3). This is achieved by a heroic Carl Gustav team that, aided by mortar fire, comes close to the two surviving vehicles and knocks them out quickly. They receive some small arms fire, but they survive unscathed. After that, the M113s move forward. One of the vehicles is knocked out by a T-72 firing from the centre, but otherwise their maneuver is successful and they occupy the crossroads at (2).

The Leopard platoon and two mechanized platoons at (4) move forward to reinforce the defenders of Mandorf at (5) where the fiercest combat ensues. The TD line at Buchhoven aids them. They have shot so many ATGMs that the Canadians called this town after the battle as the “TOWville”. In the end, no Czech armor can move safely from Kirchdorf bei Osterhoven to reinforce the attack at Mandorf. The Leopards also help by firing on the move. When they eventually arrive, the infantry dismounts and works in close cooperation with the tanks. The Czech in the meantime, manage to capture the centre of Mandorf, after fierce fighting with the defending scouts and infantry. They lose many AFVs, but the Canadian defenders are exhausted and suffered very heavy losses. They have almost no portable AT weapons and even the surviving Cougars are out of HESH shells. So the arrival of the reinforcements was just in time. Despite the augmentation of the Canadian forces, the Czech cannot be dislodged from the town by the end of the scenario and thus, Mandorf remains contested.

The final Canadian maneuver is the motorized infantry platoon at (6) that held the flank, which is called to aid in recapturing Kirchdorf bei Osterhoven. The arrive at the village, where they find one immobilized T-72 at (7). After two LAW shots, the tank is destroyed, and the centre of the village can be captured. The Czechs counterattack with infantry, but the Canadians prove to be tough nuts to crack and they hold their objective.
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