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Default Re: The Dirty Patricia's


Equipment losses:


1 Leopard C1 MBT
3 Cougar LAVs
4 Grizzly APCs
1 M-113 APC


28 T-72 MBTs
23 OT-64 SKOT APCs
2 PLDvK vz. 53/59 SPAAGs
3 OT-65 FUG scout cars
14 BRDM scout cars
3 BRDM-2 Malyutka tank destroyers
16 BVP-1 IFVs

Result is a marginal victory. Canadians held their forward objectives and even managed to outflank the Czech forces. What saved the Czechs from total defeat is the fact that they did held a part of Mandorf and that Canadian had relatively high losses, especially among the infantry.

In general, things went quite well, from the beginning to the end of the scenario. There were very few times were I was unpleasantly surprised and the consequences were not that great. My decision to deploy the ATGM vehicles at Bucchoven when it was clear that I did not have enough time to do so further forward was correct, as any vehicle that tried to move around the villages in the forward lines was knocked out (also helped by the fact that most Czech tanks moved from south to middle, exposing their side armor to the TOWs). Also helpful was the deployment of Canadian infantry and dismounted scouts in urban areas, save for the TOWs they were the main cause of tank losses among the Czechs. My reinforcements did help in consolidating the line and outflanking the Czech, but otherwise did not do anything more flashy. It still bother me that I couldn't recapture Mandorf. My flank guards did little fighting and it was this reason that I decided to move one of them forwards to help. My mortars did well, using their HE shells and smoke quite efficiently. In the end, I’d say that the main problem for the Czechs was the lack of artillery; without it, my infantry was a real pain to dislodge (although casualties in them were quite terrible) and my ATGM line could fire without having to move (I mean, it’s the first time that my ATGM jeeps are not simple glass cannons, but they actually survived the battle; one of them had 8 AFV kills, which is I think a personal record!)

Final map is the following:

All in all, a fun scenario and I thank Grant1pa for the design.
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