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Default Re: OT- Rise and Fall Demo is out!!!

About Starfu... huh Starfarce, I made the big error of unknowingly buying a pair of "protected" CDs . Well they were so well protected that I never ever succeeded in starting a game, I had to get noCD "pirate" patch to be able to play the game I bought ! [img]/threads/images/Graemlins/Envy.gif[/img]
This on a quite standard rig that had very very few problems with games (I play 30+ a year, from DOS antiquities like MoM to things like Elder Scrolls or Nexus).
So go figure ... Since I try to avoid them like plague !

Edit : didn't know Space Rangers 2 at all, looks quite cool, even is said to be TBS !! Does someone plays it ? Where can I get it ?
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