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Fallout Re: APC Development and related topics.

You might want to move that to the right about another year or so. The AAV-SU is just going into the next phase of the op eval is all. There are still concerns with the new systems added to an "old" hull design, in particular it seems there are concerns with the engines and drive trains on the hull. Also the unit assigned with these 21 units will be assigned the task of putting them through "real world" op eval and testing to identify any issues as noted etc. and offer recommendations for further improvements. This realistically will take another 9 - 18 months pushing possible FOC back to maybe JAN 2019 depending on what issues come up. Full rate production, I believe isn't scheduled to begin until 2023.

From ref. 1...
"A key area for the Marines to continue studying is the effect of the new systems, such as the engine and drive train, on the old hull. Leimbach said that, while everything fit into the vehicle, the new engine and other components may vibrate differently than the old one, for example; the AAVs were built to be reliable based on the legacy components, so the Marines will have to continue studying the effects of the new equipment to see what that means for reliability rates and maintenance procedures."

From ref. 2 starting on Pg. 17, quote taken from Pg. 18...
"Milestone B in the spring of 2014 , and ten prototypes are currently undergoing developmental test and operational assessment. Milestone C is planned for the fourth quarter
of FY 2017 and IOC is planned for FY 2019. FOC is planned for FY 2023."

From ref. 3 a well respected think tank...
The news here is as follows A) Addresses the issues from the above but, B) though off topic somewhat this caught my eye quote,
"The AV-8B Harrier, designed to take off from the LHA and LHD amphibious assault ships, will be retired from Marine Corps service in 2026. The AV-8B received near-term capability upgrades in 2015 that will continue in 2017 (Mine-This will need to be looked it.) in order to maintain its lethality and interoperability until the F-35 transition is complete."

Finally and this should "cap it off" from ref. 4...
A very good read on both the AAV-SU and ACV 1.1 current program status. On the AAV-SU in particular, it deals more deeply with some of the legacy issues the CORPS is concerned with in this next phase of the op eval. For instance the original pump for the water jets was one designed to handle sewage waste versus the new one that's purpose built for the job.

You (I) can see the potential issues that can arise from this against the hull from the equipment mounts, sound mounts will play a key role here in significantly reducing noise and vibration through the hull. For failed sound mounts can lead to failed and or degraded system operations and ultimately get you killed in the submarine world if someone is hunting you. They'll have to potentially access their sound mounts as well with the new equipment installed over the long term to determine from a mechanical point of view they can handle the new systems.

I can offer my expertise in this area as I was one of a handful onboard assigned as a "Sound Silencing Petty Officer" and let me tell you we have a bunch onboard!! Each one having to be inspected.

From the surface NAVY side (The mission outcome is the same.) and for further reading if desired an over view of the "Sound Silencing" Program.

Not what my MARINE friend I think wants to hear.

As much as I like new equipment sometimes you have to be patient as a general rule.

Heading back to bed!!

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