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Default Re: Battle Location and Season Guide

Suggestion for Game Designers:

The last three months of 1944 may warrant adjustment, Germany vs. Britain, in Holland. Currently those three months are all generated as the winter season; so Holland gets a longer winter than the Eastern Front.

Dutch meteorological data shows that October and November 1944 averaged about 7C to 10C (45F – 50F) with only two days where the low reached 0C and -1C. Rain for October totaled about 6cm, November about 17cm! So there should be more mud than usual in November.

December is a month of two halves.
The first half averaged about 4C (40F) with heavy rain (6cm)
The second half averaged about 1.5C (35F) with 6 days that averaged below 0C, with only 1cm of rain; but no snow until January

January 1945 was freezing with plenty of snow, so clearly deserves the winter season.

Here’s some general weather data from the 2nd Canadian Division in Holland:

I’ll attach detailed data from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in a text file.

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