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Default Simulation of Gas Attacks?

Given that the use of sarin etc was a basic part of Soviet, and Iraqi, doctrine and totally to be expected, wonder if it could be simulated? Unlike multi-megaton nuclear warheads, chemical warfare would be within the scale of WinSPMBT, or even WinWW.

Perhaps on first use some percent of troops not in closed up vehicles would be killed out to some distance from impact. Given that Win SPMBT simulates smoke from burning vehicle being blown down wind, it seems the gas cloud could be manipulated similarly. Given that chemical, and radioactive, recon for contaminated ground was a major mission of recon units, it would be very realistic to model that - if the code would allow it.

Different delivery vehicles would impact different numbers of hexes, artillery rounds vs SCUDs and FROGs.

Boring down a bit, different quality units would be affected differently.

Seems possible that initial casualties would be a straightforward adjustment of the results of an artillery strike. The downwind cloud could maybe be a use of the code for downwind smoke + lethality. Creation of contaminated areas, I have no idea; but would be a huge reality bonus.

Given that this was a thing all sides trained for and all sides expected, this would be a great addon.
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