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Default Re: Simulation of Gas Attacks?

Originally Posted by scorpio_rocks View Post
Exactly because "everyone" trained for it the casualties in the front lines would be minimal (probably a LOT LESS than a standard artillery strike!) and adding a whole new mechanic, weapon class, etc probably wouldn't be worth the development time and effort for a weapon that few countries - nevermind players - would ever use!

In reality, with the possible exception of the WWI-like trench warfare of some of the Iraq-Iran war, it has only ever been used on untrained and unequipped civilians...
Others have made some useful suggestions, however you really don't know about this stuff. First, there would be a serious degradation in performance and a certain percent of deaths from those who are slow and fumble. Second, exercises/tests have shown the stuff would be very hard to contain, resulting in wide spread contamination/death outside the initial strike area.

Just an idea. Adding gas would suppress the heck out of troops about to be attacked and could be delivered to create no go areas like mines would, without having to emplace them.
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