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Default Re: Simulation of Gas Attacks?

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
it does not really have any "killer" effects except on the unprotected - third world armies, civilians etc. And even in that case - the user army has to suit up to enter the "slimed" areas.
Based on at least one serious exercise with a non-toxic but similar substance the conclusion was that attempts to retrieve wounded in contaminated clothing/suits would result in the contamination of the entire medical evac chain. And ofc contamination in this case means death.

But I was just thinking of recon and artillery delivered area denial barrages - in WW2, not modern times. Perhaps the effects modified by nationality and level of training. And while I've never dug a trench in MOPP4 I was part of a battalion that bemused the local Germans as we marched a 10k Volksmarch in MOPP4 in August - NOT fun.
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