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Default Re: International Defence Green and White Papers

Originally Posted by FASTBOAT TOUGH View Post
I wanted to get this out there because of the possibilities this will raise in the next couple of years but basically Vietnam is going Indian. When you see what the value is in American dollars as compared to the local currencies this is huge in currency vs potential buying power for the Vietnamese Govt. Though it's still a lot of money it could be less if this is of course structured on the U.S. Dollar. Bottom-line I see the potential to see the ARJUN, HAL TEJAS and their new 155mm/52 field arty gun being possibly exported which India has considered doing for some time now.

For me it'll be interesting how they'll struture the deal and what gets bought.


Would make a good deal of sense for India that has China as a major potential enemy, on the basis that 'my enemies enemy is my friend'.
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