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Hi Juzza,
your mod was making my dominions3 game crash because some errors in the filenames (Flint instead flint etc.). I made a fix, tested it with ubuntu edgy, works fine for me. Nice ideas! Does the "liveless" flag of the big mechanic units prevent the player from taking an Nature Bless and giving those units regeneration ?
The wizards seem to be very strong for their price (2F+Random, 2E+random), is it intentional that both share the same name (Renegade Wizard) ? I suggest giving different names.
About the old age hight priest with the sword:
Make it "sense" to give an old man an big sword ? I imagine old men would prefer long weapons (staff, long spear) or shields, but i'm sure you have your thematic reasons.
I like the idea of the younger battle-priest. Maybe giving him 10% or 20% chance of getting a magic skill (Astral for Dominion Slave) would make this my favorite unit :-)
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