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Default Re: Is this true?

Did anyone ever get an email from Tim about the beta test? I sent detailed information to him end of September regarding his post. Never heard a word. It is now the end of November and still waiting. I have to admit that I am frustrated and glad I did not pre order this game. Delay after delay. Every time a date is mentioned it comes and goes. I want to see this game get finished as 101 was so much fun, but frankly I have given up hope. I even wonder with so many years passing,if it will even be draw attention if and when it is ever released.

If anyone is actually doing the beta please post and let us know if this thing is even being worked on. Simple answer will do. I will look in on this board a couple more times and see if there is an answer. Will also post at Console Gold to see if other gamers know anything. Short of something coming up here or there, I think I will just move on and look to some of the other things coming out this fall and winter and forget about this one.

Really disappointed.

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