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Default Re: The Iraqi Lost Legion - generated campaign

Having just won two significant victories, albeit with heavy casualties, Col. Mustafa halts his units for some rest, replenishment and refitting. Captured weapons and ammo are inventoried and distributed to the deserving troops. Fresh young recruits are inducted into the ranks. With the experience of almost ten battles, the Marauders are feeling confident and capable - yet the loss of every man hurts, because Iraq no longer has the military infrastructure to train soldiers, so each new man will have to learn by experience, or die trying...

... and there are plenty of opportunities for it, as the locals once again inform Col. Mustafa that an American force, including tanks, is powering down on the Marauder position. Without time to dig in, the best the Marauders can do is delay the enemy advance...

Iraq vs. United States, Iraq Delay
Visibility: 46
Length: 32

The battle takes place in probably the best visibility conditions to-date, and it is also fought on very flat terrain, with only one east-west road in the northern part of the map. There are no rough patches, wadis, or any other elements that would slow an advance. Extensive grass provides some concealment, but in the area where battle is expected to be joined, there is nothing. The few hills on the Iraqi side do have a few "rough" spots, where AT guns will be placed. HMGs are placed somewhat behind the lines of infantry. With a 2,000m range, the HMGs and AAMGs should command the battlefield once American AFVs are knocked out. This is shaping up to be a bloodbath.

A platoon of Abrams tanks approaches in the southern sector. In this terrain, with this visibility, the key will be to knock them out quickly. The tanks advance on my objectives, instead of hanging back, even though from a distance of even 1,000m they would be effectively impervious to my return fire.

Most of my troops have been given the order to cease fire (0m range). The southern ATG, however gets a rear shot on an Abrams, and takes it, successfully.

On the following turn the remaining tanks advance, and turn their flanks to the ATGs. Virtually without any return fire, each Abrams is knocked out by a side or rear shot from one of the ATGs. Colonel Mustafa, hidden in a forward position (where he can serve as FO), decides to take a shot at a retreating crew and earns his second kill. There are a couple of Vulcans approaching, but other than that, the American armor looks to be finished.

Five more turns pass. The Americans clearly possess mortars and 105mm artillery, but these have not yet done any serious damage. American infantry has not appeared yet, either. One Vulcan is down.

On turn 17 the American infantry finally arrives, and the bloodbath begins. They are attacking in the northern half of the map, where there are a couple of hills that block the view of my support weapons considerably. Placing these weapons on the hills themselves would expose them too much. My infantry moves only slowly, because any fast movement attracts fire from as-yet unidentified American MMGs. There are also minor pushes in the center and southern half of the map, but these should not result in a breakthrough, as they are smaller, and my support weapons can target them easily.

The final elements of the American attack arrive by helicopter. They do not attempt to penetrate the lines, or otherwise provide a tactical surprise, but just their appearance is very cool. My HMGs and AAMGs take a few potshots but don't score a hit. The arriving force is roughly a reinforced platoon.

The following turns are simply a meatgrinder, where American forces are slowly whittled down, but any attempts to flank them are stymied by American MMGs. The northern attack had four MMGs concentrated right behind it, and more in the center. I do move some units in the north and south forward, but the MMGs can simply stop them with relative impunity. The American infantry captures some VPs, but it is clear they can only hold them for as long as the MMGs are providing cover fire. The U.S. 105mm artillery drops a few barrages that shred a number of my squads to below 50%. My infantry in the center moves only cautiously and tries to engage the Americans, because by now time is running short.

Eventually, a simple smoke barrage blinds the US MMGs long enough for my infantry to close and defeat them. Without that support, the U.S. troops are defeated piecemeal, and all VPs recovered. Decisive Victory results.

AFTERMATH: a few units regained regular/veteran status, after losing some experience due to changing their equipment, but there are no outright promotions. There are perhaps half-a-dozen demotions, though. Overall, had the Abrams stayed back, they could have dominated the battlefield. The Air Assault was completely unexpected, even if ultimately it did not turn the tide...

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