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Default Re: Did Space Empires V kill Space Empires?

I loved playing SEIV, once I discovered it's existence. If it wasn't for a small article in one of the computer game magazines, I would never have heard of it. I played it for a couple of years, then sort of lost interest once I lost my internet server. then I discovered the public library here in Tampa had computers with internet, so I was able to catch up and regained my interest in the game. I think by then, SEV was coming out or had come out, and bought it, probably much later than the rest of you. I loved it, much better than SEIV. I didn't know much about how Strategy First got their hands on it, but I went with the flow and played, after downloading the most current mods and shipsets. But again, I've kind of lost interest. Maybe because there's not much on this forum anymore. That's what kept me interested in the game, the camaradre (?) I was getting from this forum. The helpful advice and tips on the game also kept me interested. But now, I think this is the first time in months I've visited this site. I don't know what it will take to get me back into the game. There are other games I'm playing, plus I recently started playing hte Dungeons & Dragons on-line game. Hey it it's free, it's for me! And if I could get a credit card, I'd probably be playing the Star Trek online game too. Maybe they'll have a free version one of these days. Maybe I'm just burned out on the game, or it's format. I don't know. If there ever is a SEVI, I'd buy it and hope for the best.
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