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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs Germany 2

Turn 16

Charlie pulled back into a containment perimeter around the enemy in C1. I need to be clear when the mortar rounds start dropping. Support guns were able to one enemy squad that was sent running from the very beginning.

There might be two MG-34s west of B1. One scout got hammered as it got close. I'm going to bring mortar fire in on that area. The MGs have lost all seen infantry support. Except for one machine gun, helping Charlie, all the rest fired at enemy in Bravo's area.

Alpha is still not spotted any enemy along their front.

No need to adjust mortars. They were both right on target. I don't know if the howitzer has been destroyed, but it is quiet.


Friendly: Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: Estimated 5 casualties.
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