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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs Germany 2

Turn 23

Circle closing in on enemy in C1. Found and blasted two squads, but there is a third I need to get. My forces are on three sides and closing. The two other squads are running out of C1 on the west side. Shifted the 50mm mortar to the west side of C1 to stay clear of my troops.

Support guns shot up enemy squad near MG-34. The MG was active again and caused a few more casualties, but I had too many troops there. They tore into him and sent him running. Another enemy squad popped out of the woods 100m to the south and took fire as well, but not as badly. I had mortar rounds dropping about 50m behind the MG, so I should be able to take them all out this turn or send them packing for a good long time.

Alpha pushing into A1. Scouts are out in front and going to try to get a fix any enemy squads on top of the hill.

Tanks are moving up, but I don't have the fastest ones in the world.

Enemy artillery dropping to the rear of my support guns, near one of the AAMGs. It was running already. My mortars dropped on their mortar behind the hill.


Friendly: Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: Estimated 15 casualties.
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