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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs Germany 2

Turn 25

Charlie taking fire from an AAMG to the northwest and two enemy tanks charging forward. One is heading toward a scout armed with a satchel charge. My SMG teams have molotovs also, so at least I have some ability to kill them. This area is the furthest from my tanks. It will be a while before they can help. Maybe my ATGs can at least fire at the tanks, even if they can't kill them.

Enemy in front of Bravo cut up and are running. My mortars helped. I took casualties, but they took more. Bravo will continue to push forward. Charlie is on their own until the tanks show up or the ATGs score. I might be able to divert some engineers from this area, since they aren't part of Bravo.

Alpha is near the top of the hill and one scout is up. Another will be there soon.

Counter battery falling on enemy mortar. Some rounds on target, but the spread was somewhat extreme because of the range.

Just as an update, I have 8/21 flags.


Friendly: Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: Estimated 15 casualties.
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