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Default Oob issues

Here im going to post some issues i found on the oob's:

Syria (at least '87) hizbollah entry 3 has inferior lmg (lower acc but otherwise same stats) and one less ap round for their rpg-7 than entry 4. Both have the same cost.

Iran (at least in '87) augusta bell 205 and 212 have same point cost even 212 seems clearly superior (one more mg, 3 more sped and 2 better durability).

Algerian (noticed at '87) mech infantry with strela sam costs same than inf-sam team with said weapon and ammo loadout .

Finland 2018 has amos sp-mortar that is identical to a swedish one in the same year but is a lot cheaper than the swedish one.

Finland 1987 sissi sections has two entries with the same cost and equipment and other one has 2 more ammo in 66 kes orak.

Finland 1987 reserve section has two statistically identical entries with 1 pts cost difference. (Rk 54 and 56 main weapons have same stats but apparently different cost.)

Russian 77 there is in 5th page of infantry brm-1 and 3 hmg teams. Carr cap 9 and carry cost 12 total.

Iraq (At least in '82) is able to take on map artillery and AT guns as Direct and General support. I believe this should not be possible. Have not encountered this with other rosters.

Bosnia-Hertzegobina (At least '92) has an RCL jeep in ARMOR section that is typed as Wheeled SP ATGM even it is not.

Pretty sure North (and / or South) Korea has Special Forces.

Russian 79 SEAD CAIRA seems to destroy Air Defences quite easily against Air Defences with similar EW values.

Seems unlikely that Swedish Gripen would not have vision 40 equipment in 2018.

Reporting more when i happen to find some.

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