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Default Re: Oob issues

Please give the unit number in the OOB at least. "Hizbollah unit 3" means scrolling about trying to find it, and the spelling in the oob differs (Hezbollah)so the search function won't work. These reporting procedures are outlined in the sticky thread at the top of the forum. Unit number is key - since end users will not necessarily agree in spelling of unit names, and we have no idea where the 9say) Hezbollah section is in these OOBS, since there are 93 or so, and WW2 besides.

I will assume you mean Unit No. 460 vs No. 461?
The weapons cost of small weapons like LMGS are tiny, and only vast differences (Range, Accuracy Kill etc) will result in anything other than the default 3-4 points being applied for an LMG. Same goes for rifles - they tend to be much of a muchness. Same goes for small arms ammo - 80 or 90 issued rounds won't make much difference. Ammo points cost for small arms is tiny. An extra ATGM will usually be noticed, of course!.

Now if we made infantry cost 5 times more, maybe a few points difference might be noted in the base cost in rifle elements - but then perhaps any cost reduction for low experience and/or morale may round those away - points are integer, not fractions. And also, your tanks and arty etc would now cost 5 times more (and there is a maximum number for integers, and the large integers which hold the total force value).

Iranian units nos. 270 and 272
You need to look at all the data
- Speed differs 80 vs 83 - Speed costs points
- Hull value differs - one is 4, the other 6. Hit points cost
- Stabiliser differs, stabiliser points are charged for, no. 270 has 5 expensive stabiliser points, and no. 272 only has 2

Again - an MG with 20 rounds is a trifling cost. If you made 2 exactly similar helos but one with 1 MG and one with 2 and run it through the cost calculator utility it may result in 2(?) points difference between them. Speed, electronics (stabiliser) and carry capacity etc will be by far the determinants between vaguely similar helos (like No. 273 for example - a tad more speed, carry, and 1 stab point more)
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