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Default Skirmishes Mod for Starfury

I have made a fun little Skirmishes Mod for Starfury. I would say it's more of an "arcade-style" game when you want to just fight. It's nothing too complicated just battles in 1 system against enemy ship(s) you can choose. You start off with the Basic Terran Destroyer Mark I and can purchase most any of the original Starfury ships with credits earned including the "amazing Sithrak Mothership".

There is roughly 80 total jobs in this Skirmish mod. There are 3 levels of difficulty too. You can choose between 1 and 3 jobs at a time. You earn credits, experience and bonuses (repair components, fighters and destroyer escorts based upon your job selections and completions. More details are included in the Mod.

If you just want to battle it out and dont want to travel through systems then this is something you should try out. I used the original Starfury ships for this Skirmish Mod. For example, if you want to take on a Xiati battleship with a Sithrak Destroyer it is possible. There are many combinations you can choose.

I have provided an attachment for download. Enjoy the Skirmishes Mod!
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