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Potion Re: Acceptable US Casualties Against 3rd World Armies

In the game against third world armies, the force values of Western armies are significantly greater, putting a tremendous advantage to the third world or insurgent forces.

To achieve a DV requires near complete destruction of the opponent with minimal damage to the Western side. A loss of an aircraft, FOO, or an USMC SMAW team can negatively affect the ratio of damage points so much so that a DV is not possible with such a singular loss.

I am finding that in a timed objectives scenario, the placement of VFs impacts the game battle damage points more than in a non-timed objectives battle.

In general, when a Western army is faced against a determined insurgent force, the scenario must pay particular attention to the value and placement of VFs.

I am struggling to get a balance in my scenario given an extremely high force value USMC side (western forces are expensive) against a low force value Taliban side with mixed results. Therefore, I am forced to study Pros and his suggestions for the use of victory flags (although his tutorial proceeded timed objectives).

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