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Default Re: Site Searching Quick Reference

Originally Posted by sansanjuan View Post
Sorry for the necro.

This guide works quite well however sometimes I think I see a slam dunk and come up goose eggs. Recently found a prov with "unusual" misfortune sales. Searched with blood, astral, and air and... No love. Perhaps an event tweaked the scales? (recent event driven misfortune scales on my cap evaporated... Lucky for me .)
Anyone else had prov specific scales (not driven by a dominion) that did not pan out per the guide?
Yes, some. That said, large scale, the guide works. Outliers appear, yes, and you tend to remember them. That's to be expected, as the guide deals in trends, and in those trends it is really quite accurate - I'll see if I have my actual data on this, as I have checked through it and kept track of success rates.
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