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Default Re: mod: A Role playing MA Pangaea Faction

Now that I've gotten through my mod delema I can make some observations for you oh and I'll just tell you now, don't feel obligated to do anything I suggest, I'm just voicing my opinion on things.

Firstly I reeeeeeeally like the dryad slingers, they should be put into the vanila game, for all ages.

as for the dryad hopolites, if you think about it, dryads fighting on the front line might be even rarer than in the late age, you may want to have them sacred and costing more.

Onto females and males, the sprites, even on a role play aspect seem rather pointless to me. I suggest making small stat adjustments to all the female units, the ones that are simply copies of he male ones at least, like even just -1 +1 stuff will make me wanna mix it all up and get both females and males.

Lastly I think you've done a great job on this mod, all the sprites are well done and the harpies and the dryad slingers should be put into the vanilla game. All and all I think you've made a great mod!!
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