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Default Re: New player: struggling to overcome entrenched enemies

If you decide to fire, do not fire one unit multiple times. DO NOT hit F,F,F!

Fire one (1) unit (and attract opportunity fire) once only, now move to another and fire him once only. Opportunity fire against #2 will be at initial accuracy - if you had just repeat-fired #1, the enemy's second shots on him would be more accurate as they range in on him. Now choose another unfired unit and fire the once. Continue through all relevant units. Then review these - if any are badly suppressed, you may want to rally these. Ignore light suppression (not pinned). Now repeat the chain of fire, one shot per unit and moving to the next one one till all are done.

If you notice enemy fire is slackening off then it is maybe time to advance. Move one unit 1 hex forwards and see what happens. Now move another, if you did not receive a storm of return fire with #1 - otherwise continue with the round of fire. Once fire is really not being returned, move units each at 1 hex, move to another, move him 1 hex only as well.

Once within say 300m or so, try not to have your riflemen move more than 1 hex, possibly 2 in their turn. Fast moving infantry is vulnerable. The more hexes infantry moves, the easier they are to hit and the more kills they receive. If fire is incredibly intense then maybe only move 1 hex on alternate moves, and if he is really beating your boys down due to weight of fire, do not initiate fire, leave them with 6 shots to reply in opportunity fire against him (meanwhile dial in any arty on the enemy). If it is waaay too hot, then maybe pop smoke and pull back and try advancing at another point in the line.

If you have machine guns, and can see enemy units then before any rifle fire whatsoever, pound the visible enemy units. Suppression is your aim, casualties a bonus. If the enemy is pinned, or worse, move on to another visible unit and suppress him to pinned status. (Remember that the game gives you unrealistic information on enemy state, so by hovering your mouse over an enemy unit the game lets you know if he is pinned, retreating etc.) Try to leave the HMG units with 2-3 reserved shots - if new enemy appear during the fire or movement phases outlined above, hose these down with the reserved shots before returning to rifle fire. Pinned units wont be firing at you. If you have a choice of who to point the MGs at then favour adjacent units - MGs have a 1 hex blast circle and so "spread the joy" to any neighbouring enemy troops. MGs are long range weapons - so long as they are outside enemy rifle range, they will be close enough, the low speed is not really too much of a disadvantage as they shoot >20 hexes. MGs do best in flat open terrain of course (deserts, steppe etc.).

Killing with infantry weapons on halted or dug-in enemy is done at 1-2 hexes, preferably 1 hex where grenades come into play. The idea of fire and movement is to keep the enemy continuously pinned or worse, as you slowly but steadily close to killing range. Pinned units wont be firing back at you, runners will get cut down. Fire and manoeuvre is similar to fire and movement, but in this case your firing line stays mainly static and pins the enemy, while a secondary assault team approaches them along a covered route (round a hill, up a stream bed, through a flanking wood etc.) and then eventually emerge from the cover at his flank or even rear and engage him at close quarters.

If you have size 0 scouts or inf-AT then move these at least 2 hexes in front of the advance before the main line even thinks of moving. Do not move them too fast that they get spotted - they wont do well. Don't ever think of firing them - their work is done with eyeball Mk1, not bullets!.

Snipers, if you have them should maybe follow the scouts by 2-3 hexes - or be placed 1 hex behind the forward line of infantry. Snipers should not lead - they are costly and if they trip over an unseen rifle section, they die. I prefer to use them a bit like MMGs - longish range support fire from behind the main rifle line 2-3 hexes or so.

If the enemy fire his MMGs at you - they are prime targets for immediate counter-battery fire by your snipers and MMGs once located. Don't move your riflemen if his MMGs are better than pinned, and if he has them you should spread units so there is a 1 hex gap to lessen the effect of the beaten zone on your guys.
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