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Default Re: Which vehicles lead a Cav push?

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
...Recce troop is 2 ferrets and 2 Saladin armored cars, with optional attached Saracen (with a small team) and (not held by OTC) - a ferret with ATGM...
An aside, in my mind, I can value those Ferrets from back in the day, a small (easy to conceal unit with only 4 troops; 2 as crew, 2 as observers) lightly armored vehicle that has high mobility and is less expensive that a larger halftrack or APC. Seems like some top tier militaries now a days favor larger more costly APCs. Yes I appreciate the concerns from IEDs for scout vehicles, but a modern small-ish vehicle with better protection that is cheaper, easy to conceal and simple seems to have a role. At least I think so. Something along the lines of the German Fennek or the French Panhard VBL with attention given to maintaining a low silhouette like the Ferret and dare I say it, slightly stylish looking. The larger and supposedly low price point Oshkosh MRAP our US troops will employ appears to have a high silhouette and looks absolutely awful.

Anyway, just reflecting on the ol' Ferret.
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