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Default Re: Density

Plus you have to remember that in higher visibility, LOS penetrates more into terrain (i.e. the effect of density is lessened) as well as smoke (smoke has density).

If the unit has night vision apparatus then it may see a bit more into smoked off terrain. Fire has a blocking effect even on Thermal Imagers (40+ vision) - sufficient fires from burning hexes or wrecks will block those eventually.

So if your map has very high visibility (a very sunny day in game terms - probably 60 and up, but I am not looking into the code for specifics) then you will be able to see a hex or so more into cover such as tree lines etc. Most likely if the visibility is low, then the opposite effect occurs as well, but I have never specifically looked at that in the code.

The density numbers therefore are not that great deal of use for players, since there is no way that we could publish the various code "rules" for density effects on LOS calculations.
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