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Post Re: OT: looking for zovs66

Thanks for the quick introduction, Don!

From the README.txt:
Warcab is a tool to record and track battles in an SPWaW campaign, or to
record and track turns in standalone battles from scenarios. It is inspired
by Campaign Watcher.
Warcab tracks information for core units (including reassignments) during
a campaign. It also shows and tracks information for core, auxiliary and
opponent units during battles and battle turns.
Its current main missing features are data export and printing.
Also, and of some importance for this forum I expect, I have started work on adding support for winSPWW2 to warcab.
This work has progressed to the stage that an experimental proof-of-concept is available and that work has just started
on integrating that new code into the offical warcab application.

Finally, because pictures say more than words:
...apologies, the images are big...

Example dossier overview:

Example dossier OOB roster:

Example unit history:

Example battle overview:

Example battle turn strategic map:

Example dossier kills graph:

More screenshots can be found here.

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