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Default Re: Upgrade 1.3 Requests

I would like to see the ability to craft "Away Team Enablers" onto our crafted suits, at suitably high enough craft levels. The occasional augmented suit ability like "Sonic Shovel" is unique enough that we have to keep the crappy suit just for the ability. But when it comes to a suit that has an Enabler capability like "HazMat" built-in, it's not worth keeping a much inferior suit version around instead of using the enabler. Knowing it's "possible" then becomes annoying.

I can't tell if using "Non-Lethal Weapons" increases the chance of leaving a lootable shipwreck, but it should.

Likewise, "Fake ID" should work in other situations than docking with a station. (Currently, ship combat seems to always affect Race Relations even with "FakeID" installed.)

And I am assuming you are already looking over the "Feature Request" and "Bugs" threads, so I won't repeat any of them.

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