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Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Originally Posted by Warhero View Post
Maybe I have bad eyes nowadays as I don't see sometimes locations of my troops enough clearly in small map (in battle generator)... I think that light yellow colour is not suitable for (especially) winter white background. It's better in summer/autumn maps but not in wintertime. Any possibility to change colour in code (how about some red shade?

There are other primary colour variations we could try besides yellow but we cannot use red.....that's the enemy colour which would just add to the problem

The problem is it's impossible to make everyone happy and some may like the yellow and object to green or blue......IDK lets get some feedback.

MY first impression would be the blue as a better " quick glance" colour on the mini.


The mini map is in our opinion, more use as a way to move quickly to another point on the map outside the viewing area and was for more useful before " desktop mode " That said it can be handy if you want to move from HERE on the map----to----THERE on the map quickly but you can find your troops MUCH easier with the ID tags on and if you don't like playing with them on all the time zoom out and turn them on and it's like having a giant mini map
What about white color for the units in the mini map?
Green looks IMO too close to terrain features. Not sure how blue would look in urban environments either. Blue and gray tend to mix.
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