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Default Re: The Dirty Patricia's

Turns 1-10

The first Czech units appear and much faster than I anticipated. To the north at (1), a force of two Czech mech infantry platoons (oen in BMPs, one in OT-64s) appears and clashes with the northernmost company. The Canadians use their Cougar LAVs skillfully and these vehicles, coupled with dismounted scouts firing small arms, as well as mortar fire, proves too much for the Czechs to handle. All enemy vehicles are destroyed and the remnants of the Czech infantry retreat in disarray.

Further south, Czech scout vehicles, as well as a tank destroyer platoon of BRDM-2 Malyutka vehicles, attempt to push through (2). Their advance is slowed down by Canadian vehicle fire and mortar harassing fire.

At Mandorf (3), Czech recon forces battle with Canadian scouts and dismounted mechanized infantry. They only make limited advances and suffer heavy losses in the urban environment.

At Kirchdorf bei Osterhoven (4), Czech mechanized infantry is ambushed by Canadian recce and suffers heavy losses. T-72s arrive to aid. The T-72 force, when it’s located at (5), spots my flank guard at (6). One T-72 fires two shots and knocks out one Grizzly APC.

So far the Canadians hold on the forward most positions but they need to be reinforced. One unfortunate side effect of the Czech rapid advance, is that I could not deploy my ATGM vehicles too far forward and thus, two M-113 with TOWs and two similarly armed Jeeps deploy in the main objective of Buchhoven. Their goal is to snipe at any vehicles trying to push through the forward villages.
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