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Default Introduce yourself!! :-)

I just thought that it would be good to hear some more personal things about the people here. Dont be silly!

Ok let me start.
I am 17 years old living in Budapest, Hungary, Europe. I am living with my parents. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. [My sister is 15 years old, my brothers are 19 and 21. -> My brothers are also playing Doms 2.]
My height is 196 cm at the moment. [That is around 6'5]
Hopefully I will reach 2 meters.
I am a student in Budapest. This is my last year in school, I will start to work in my father's nightclub after the school is over.
My hobbies are sports [fighting sports like aikido, kickboxing and kempo. I am learning those for more then 4 years now]
I am very lucky, because I can train with excellent fighters, like world champion kickboxer Jozsef Tumbasz. Here is a little picture about him: Jozsef Tumbasz

I also like to play computer games [FPS, RTS, TBS and MMORPGs], however I have much less time now to play then before.
I am a Dominions fan since Doms: PPP.

Here is a picture about me:


Corrected some typos and added some new informations.
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