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Default Ye New Galactic Bar & Grill & Phong\'s Head Cantina - After Hours

It is written in the Book of Cyril

"And lo, verily it is foretold that a new cantina will arise from the ashes liketh unto spring flowers after rain, that said cantina will be a place of peace and tranquility, of grand cuisine, pleasant company and decent ale, and any peasant drinking crappy American beer will have done to them what God did'eth unto the sodomites, and if they then mess with the fluffy bunny waitresses (who have been practicing their samba'ing on copacabana beach and getting tans) they will have done to them what the sodomites did to one another..."

From the Book of Gertrude

"And verily, utilising the financial and industrial might of Tigg-A PLC (traded on 4 separate bourse and darling of them all), a new Bar& Grill has arisen, phoenix-like, from the ashes of its predecessor, as good as it ever was and now inflammable and indestructible to boot"

And from the Book of Wandering About Inanely

"and in the month of Jeroboam, a weary traveller was wandering in the deserts south of Sarmatia to attend the consensus in the promised land..and came across an oasis of light in the desert.. the traveller was amazed at the quality of the food and beverage at 'Ye New Galactic Bar & Grill" and even more amazed that it was run by a large Tiger and a short sighted Gryphon.. and as for the resident all-girl Samba band.. "Yowser" thought the traveller..."

And from the CAMRA Beer Guide

"The landlords and cellar masters of Ye New Galactic Bar & Grill take pride in the qulaity of the ales they serve to their discerning patrons. No pissy American beer is allowed within 100 yards of the place and any shandy drinking lager-wusses are unceremoniously evicted before they can contaminate the locals. The beer is good, is extremely strong and for the opening month only, is completely free as apparently some bloke called Saxon is picking up the tab"

And from the Michelin Restaurant Guide.

"Ye New Galactic Bar & Grill is a true masterpiece of combining modern culinary practices and styles with a fusion of real world blends... before the, ahem, mishap, the Old Bar & Grill was famous for pizzas and chilli, these days, you are more likely to sit down to a dozen Pacific Oysters served Charentaise, followed by Pickled Eggs a la Morroccan rif and a side order of pork crackling in thai sauce.. and the poission a la greque served with pomme frites (calientes of course) with pureed petit pois is just fantastic - and as for the samba band!!!"

And from Entertainment Tonight

"If you are young, hip, cool or just looking for a good time, Ye New Galactic Bar & Grill is fantastic, it is the place to be and is as happening as anywhere in the galaxy..although judging by the floorshow, it should be possibly
be renamed Ye New Galactic Bare & Girls if you get my drift.. seriously, no place on the planet knows how to party on like this place... and dont be put off by the fact that a bird and a large Tiger appear to run the show.. these guys really now how to have a good time"


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