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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

Well that being said I guess BERKUT will free up a slot for the Russians as it's only an experimental prototype/demonstrator, not to worry it'll join the U.S. and Israeli AH-X on the, yes, dreaded list.

Could be the same for the PAK FA as it's development is limited to the interceptor role thus far, at the very least I'll check for dates and make sure India has it too. I really didn't think they would be in so far out but times were different when they were put in the game I'm sure. Also a lot of developmental equipment got in as well that I know Don has been trying to clear up over the last couple of years, I have a few of those already posted with more to come as well. As to the Chinese the only real problem identified with them is the issues they've had in developing their own successful jet engine technology a problem they share with India and others in that field. That's why India and Russia are currently working together on a fighter now. Check for more on that and the following poor mans article.
I mean this with sincerity Marcello, thank you I wasn't planning on even checking these to see if they were in the game as stated above.

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