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Default Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

Originally Posted by FASTBOAT TOUGH View Post
Could be the same for the PAK FA as it's development is limited to the interceptor role thus far, at the very least I'll check for dates and make sure India has it too. I really didn't think they would be in so far out but times were different when they were put in the game I'm sure. Pat
The SU-47 has been around for a long time, IIRC it was talked about as the starting point for the next fighter project. Typically things have played out differently...
The PAK FA was put in last year just before the patch was released.
As far as I understand it is meant to be primarily a tactical fighter, though no doubt it will be used in the interceptor role too. I guess it is likely that at least some basic air to ground capability will be put in as well: there may be targets that would be best engaged by a stealth platform and it is not like Russia or India are going to be able to afford a dedicated stealth bomber very soon (there is some work being done but it will probably be a long time before it comes to fruition). In regards to timeline it is a bit too early make predictions as to when the russians, never mind the indians, are going to put it in service. According to some knowledgeable people it may well be that the chinese will come ahead...

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