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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

Great discussion here!!
Go to to the CBS Evening News (11 JAN. 2011) link for the story on SECDEF Gates meeting in China over defense issues. China decided to take the J-20 for a ride today while he was there sending a political message of their own. They made a comparison of the F-22 to the J-20, imagine that!?! It's all in the eye of the beholder I guess.
Another piece of the puzzle to the lineage of the PAK FA. Also note "The China factor" and March 16/10 section which is only part of the picture in Russian modernization and procurement over the next ten years, T-95 MBT anyone? We'll see.
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Article I left off from Post #1 on PAK FA.

Links plane lineage to PAK FA.

Supports 2015 - 2017 start of production.

Very technical read I was thankful for some "signal training" but very through with a little bias.

Sets up the situation and DETAILS the factors involved. This from a very respected aerospace think tank.

I consider fighters in VERY BASIC terms like radar detectors for cars, as fast they are marketed, the police have counter measures, the new model comes out, the police have... and on it goes. Tanks are easier, (Hey maybe I'm sending a message of my own. Nay...not me!?!) much easier.

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