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Default Re: Crash down

Or one of the sound files has been corrupted?

Try firstly turning mouse click back on, and see if that works fine (no crashes)

If so then turn sound fx back on and see if it crashes, and if it crashes on a specific event (trying to move an armoured car say, its move sound may be corrupt, or if a tank is hit, or something specific sound wise that causes a problem).

If all of that works, then it may be the battle fx file that is corrupt so try turning battle FX back on and see how it does...

by corrupt - the file may be corrupt, or it may cause a problem with your sound driver. Either is bad news.

It may be that you have file system corruption - so it is worth running windows disk checker to look for bad files or sectors. if choosing to check the surface, do that overnight as it's a long process as I recall - I haven't had to run that utility in a few years.
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