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Fallout Re: Stryker platoon

Don, I think this has part of what you're looking for or were anyway. This from the Foreign Military Studies Office,731 McClellan Avenue,Fort Leavenworth,KS,66027 of course the USA.

Topic/article: THE BEAR FACTS: Russians Appraise the Stryker Brigade Concept

Of interest...

"The antitank company consists of 53 personnel who destroy armored vehicles and enemy strong points. The company has three
antitank platoons and three sections — headquarters, fire direction and medical. Each antitank platoon has three TOW-2 launchers mounted on Stryker vehicles."

The chart I posted in here I believe follows but, if I remember the issues were how many launchers with how missiles.

News here maybe is also...

"The engineer company has 120 personnel to support the brigade. It has a headquarters and three engineer-sapper platoons and an
engineer support platoon. Beside engineering equipment, the company has four “Javelin” ATGM launchers."

If I didn't screw things up in the Green and White papers thread I'll upload the complete document that contains the rest of the TO&E for the STRYKER Brigade plus much more. It feels good to get this out and I still have a couple of more of value I think beyond what's posted already.

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