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Default Re: MAPs

Thank you very much!

I'll try and play around with it for a bit - you dont happen to know the terrain code for sea vs. deep sea or maybe know a place or document where i cant find the relevant info?

And dom-version for dom 2 would be 2.16 for the newest patch version right?

But again - Many thanks for the reply - the maps are quite much nicer graphically than the original Dom 2 random maps so i'd rather not miss out if i can help it

Edit: Changing version number made it create game! No idea yet if the deep sea code will create problems - Another problem occured though - I've started a game on a ~1500 province map but Dom 2 appears to only support as much as 500 provinces... - Is there any known way to circumvent this or do I just have to "content" with the 500 limit ( Ive played Faerun Large a number of times so I know how much that is )

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