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Default Re: Single EXE MODs for SE4D1.95

Originally Posted by Skirmisher View Post
I bought the CD of SE4 in 2002, and I've never really played it at length until now (7 years later). So for me personaly I haven't got bored of the basic game.
But on the other hand I realize that most everybody else here is bored of it.
I'd hardly say most everybody here is bored with it. I for one, with assistance from Alikiwi and Kwayne, am currently building a NEW mod for the community.

Alikiwi himself has worked on one, as you apparently already know.

Atrocities and Intimidator are working on an extensive mod as well.

Work is also in motion to update some of the imagepacks you seem to have so much problem with.

Activity may have slowed down, but boredom is hardly the reason. SE4 still has a lot of potential, in my opinion.
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