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Default Re: Bug thread

Resok said:[img]/threads/images/Graemlins/Bug.gif[/img] Early Age Abysia's attempt to construct 'Cave Castle' in certain map squares but instead builds 'Simple Hillfort' even after paying the added cost.

Example: The provinces Muspel (441) and Silver Fangs (460) in the Glory of the Gods map appear to be valid places I can build a 'Cave Castle'. The tooltips indicate that a Cave Castle costs 1400 gold, 30 admin, 600 defense, 150 supplies and 6 monthes to build. I pay the 1400 gold, wait the 6 monthes and am rewarded with a 'Simple Hillfort' - 800 cost, 5 admin, 150 defense, 100 supply, 3 time to build.
Both terrains seem to be mountains.
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