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Default Bronze Notation

To help forum games, play-by-IM, and game logs, I suggest we adopt a notation similar to chess. My suggestion:

-Since the map is an 8x8 grid like a chess board, we can use the same notation for its grid spaces: a->h from left to right, 1->8 from bottom to top. Lower-left corner is a1, upper-right corner is h8.

-Use capital letters to identify the buildings placed. I suggest these:
V-Mining Village
O-Trade Outpost

-Use 1:, 2:, etc to note which player's turn it is. Since the turn order always go top to bottom along the Territory Count on the left side, the map screenshot should also indicate turn order.

Using this setup, a turn log would look something like this:
1:Vg6 2:Vb4
1:Vg5 2:Vc4
1:Bf6 2:Cd3
1:Vg4 2:Be4
1:Tf4 2:Vb7

This would make it relatively easy for 2-4 players to play via IM or Email, provided they all have the same map setup.
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