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Default Re: Server Wishlist (command line options)

Thanks for the comments. Sometimes I feel like nobody ever looks at the commandline stuff.

I can script nearly all of these. And some of them are being asked for because I am scripting rather than just starting one game and watching it. If I start dozens of games, then Id like to not have to do much after that.

A note on preexec, it doesnt kick in before the initial hosting. So for some of these it would have to be --noclientstart with an outside script watching the upload directory for certain consitions and then killing the game from the outside. 2 scripts which could be one if there was a switch.

On the start button thing I have also recommended to the devs that button should pop up an "You are about to close the game for further joins and start it. Are you sure? "

On the backup thing, I felt obligated to put that. The players seem to want it for their own solo games and such. And they dont seem to like to idea of scripting or bat filing it.
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